Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pulling Shapes Just For Your Eyes

Rise and shine, beautiful ones. However, it is 8 minutes past 5 so I hope by now you are all wide eyes and bushy tailed. It is a sunny Sunday where I am right now. The sun is shining through my window, making me squint and is giving me a headache. It is almost as though Mr Weatherman knew I was going back to school tomorrow; which is always a treat. It is exactly 1 month today before my first GCSE of the very long list of exams for May and June. The ones I have are R.E; Drama; English; Science; Spanish; Maths and Geography so I will not be having much of a social life and I am guessing school is going to become my second home.

I started this blogpost rather chatty; as though you knew me. Like it was already my 26th post or something, then I realised, this is my first post - so you know nothing or relatively little about me. I have wanted to start up a blog for quite a long time now but never had the time or energy to do so. I suppose now isn't that good of a time to start up one either, just on the edge of 10 GCSES in the course of 5 weeks so for a while posts will be very minimal, if even there so I shall appologise in the long run for this. I have a hugh interest in photography, fashion and writing; with a little bit of beauty thrown in to the mix. I really do hope you enjoy reading through my blog, as much as I will posting and writing on it.

If you like that picture up there of the trees and would like to see more, please have a little look at my photography tumblr - a place where I put all my own photographs for you all to see. If you want a tumblr with a broader horizon please have a little glance at my other tumblr; where you can also get to know me a little better, through the art of seeing and what-not.